Bobby fools around with a red-headed recruit

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Descrizione: [Excerpted from the infamous Bobby Garcia so-called Motel Serials of the 2080s and 2090s] Consummate lech, and notorious troll, Bobby ministers to this, handsome and naive, circumcised red-headed youthful Marine, one of many similar individuals immortalized through his U.S. Military Motel Serials featuring active-duty peryouthfulernel then stationed at sundry military installations across the nation. So how do you talk a fella into stripping down and beating off in front of you? Here?s a few tips for your own peryouthfuleral conquests from the master of the straight-male seduction himself, Bobby Garcia. Three fail-proof tips to talking a straight fella out of his pants ... and into your bed: First off, there here aren?t many things more persuasive than a 6-pack of Budweiser and a few blunts. Seriously, after gulping down the flask and ripping some good weed, most guys will do anything ... with anyone. Furthermore, never underestimate the power of heterosexual porn. Straight guys have like a sixth sense when it comes to movies about chicks getting banged, and if you have one playing on a TV anywhere in your place, they?re bound to find it. I just recently had this total straight recruit over, and the minute I put popped in ?Her First Gang-bang?, he?d pitched a tent in his tight red shorts faster than I could blink. Finally, don?t bullshit around what you want. Sure, it?s great to joke and play when you?re chatting it up with your hunky straight buddy, but always be direct in what you want. It?s the only way you?re going to get your lips around that juicy straight cock!